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Post by TheProphetJay on Sun Jan 26, 2014 7:18 pm

1) Name & Ign  IRL- John Delacruz IGN - TheProphetJay
2) Skype - Jpwatchestv  *side note* look for the asian guy as the profile photo cx
3) why do I want to be a staff memeber-I believe i would be a good part of your server ^^ I log on a lot and i would make sure that the order is kept , I would love to see our server grow in the gmod community
4) What makes me the best staff member - I have an amazing work ethic just ask my boss im polite when things are hash and I keep my calm when something is amiss , Plus I would not abuse my privileges that may be bestowed upon me. I love this server so much I have made more friends on your server than i have playing Steam entirely I just want to ensure that order and stability is kept
5) I have been a moderator on a couple minecraft servers and a terraria server but they closed down due to hackers i dont want this to happen here D; My Punishment system is entirely up to you but on those servers i had Warning- Verbal warning   Second Offence - Kick    Third offence - Ban , But its your server you may choose the rules and punishments and i shall abide by them and make sure they will too
6) I recently lost my parental guardian and i had to move in with my uncle and his wife and they have a thing with computer and weekdays so i may not be able to play often on weekdays but my weekend ill be on a lot ^-^  Thank you for taking the time to read this
    Side note - I really get in dept with my Rp experience I do accent voices and impersonations

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TheProphetJay's Application Empty Re: TheProphetJay's Application

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 27, 2014 12:28 pm

I love the application. Will look further into this. We'll notify you when we've made our decision.


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