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Post by TheAmericanDrone on Wed Jan 29, 2014 10:30 pm

1) Name & In game name
Ingame: TheAmericanDrone
Steam: TheAmericanDrone
2) Skype information
3) Why would you want to be a staff member
Honestly, I need another good server that I can spend a fair amount of time on. Krypto and Slimey will know that I am a fairly good staff member, and I don't often screw up. I need another good server to screw around and build on, and if it's required that I help out the occational player in need, I'd be glad to do so. I generally interact with users while online unless I'm busy, and I try to be nice to as many people as possible. Krypto and Slimey will know that I am often fair, and I try not to make rash decisions but I will temporarily ban a player if they deserve it.
4) What would make you the best staff member
I've been staff on quite a few servers, only ending badly twice (both occations on the same server). I have a in depth background in lua, java, ruby, and jquery, as well as basic which is not very useful at this day in age and C++ which I am not fantastic at. I stay out of peoples hair if they ask me to, but I'm glad to help with technical stuff if required. I know Gmod like the back of my hand, and I try to help newer members out as best as possible.
5) Your experience with being staff
As I said before, I've been staff on multiple occations on different server with only one falling out involving a ton of douche bag admins and owner, this Slimey, Nickers, and Krypto can all attest to. I am currently admin on 2 sandbox servers, as well as moderator on plenty of servers ranging from DarkRP to Murder. I've acted as admin on other games as well, and I can deal with the occational whiny kid if need be.
6) Additional information
I'm a pretty active player, although I have a busy life outside of computer related activities and may be restricted on time some weeks due to practice, and school. If I am needed, I can always be reached via skype or text, just ask for my phone number or contact me via my skype info provided above. I know most of the upper ranked people here, and I'd love to get back together with you guys. I get that I haven't been playing for a long time, but you all know I'm good. Either way, it was nice running into you guys. Good luck on the server, and whatever you're all up to nowadays. Peace.


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