Donations and what they get you! **Read this**

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Donations and what they get you! **Read this** Empty Donations and what they get you! **Read this**

Post by Nickers on Wed Jan 29, 2014 11:53 pm

Donating 10$ gets you VIP rank.
VIP rank includes 13 jobs
Swat Sniper
Swat Demolitionist
Swat Medic
Swat Leader
Rebel Leader
Sewer Monster Leader
Hell Knight Sewer Monster
Pro Potion Brewer
Mafia Leader

Custom Classes

If you want to buy a custom class just for yourself to play as you have to donate a base of 15$. You can pick a simple Garry's Mod player model, or you can go on the workshop and tell us what you want for an extra 5$.

Optional Addons
All guns 1$
LMG's are 4$
Mini Gun is 5$
Individual SWEPS are 3$
Climb Swep
Pickpocket Swep
Spiderman Swep
Additional Items in f4 menu
All ammo for purchase 1$
All guns for purchase 5$
All armor items and all health kit items 3$
All potions 2$

Staff Position
Super Admin 80$
Admin 70$
Moderator 40$
Trial Moderator 20$

WARNING: If you abuse and you get demoted for it, it is not our fault!


We can also add anything else just ask Very Happy!
*** Everyone's role play is custom too! If you want to make a class and call it "Beefed up bank guard" then go ahead. If you want to be a pro mayor's guard then you can do that too. The customization is endless!!!

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