Bluedotnomad's Moderator Application (Edited)

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Bluedotnomad's Moderator Application (Edited) Empty Bluedotnomad's Moderator Application (Edited)

Post by Bluedotnomad on Thu Jan 30, 2014 11:41 pm

1) Name & In game name:My nickname (I hate being called by my actual name) is Gen and my ingame name is Bluedotnomad

2) Do you have a skype?:Yes, my Skype account name is Bluedotnomad2014 (Please do note that I don't really use Skype on a regular basis)

3) Why would you want to be a staff member:This is one of the best servers I have played on Garry's Mod and I would only wan't things to get better for it. One of the biggest reasons why I would love to be made a moderator is because of the amount of rulebreakers that this server has at night, it's absurd at the amount of people that enjoy causing havoc on innocent servers on Garry's Mod like this. The other reason I would like to apply for moderator is because of the amount of people that I could assist in their troubles, and this doesn't have to do with just rulebreaking this also has to do with people that are confused with the rules, or people reporting that they have seen or been harmed by someone breaking the rules.

4) How would you help the server:I would help the server by as stated in the sections above helping others and being generous, but it isn't all about that, it's about making sure that the server is playable, that the server is working properly, or is doing good in it's ping. The reason I also put all the information that should've been here up there is because I really wanted people to have a good time and have fun on this server, not people that complain about being propkilled and RDMed over and over and over again and again, it gets very frustrating dealing with rule breakers, and I want to make it easier to play and have fun in this terrific server!

5) Your experience:I have had experience as a moderator in Minecraft, where I owned, and moderated 2 servers. I would say that I was an OK admin, banning rulebreakers at a constant pace, but I was not able to have other powers that others had, like flying and other things like that, although I still managed to be satisfied at what I had.

6) In your opinion, what is TitanRP all about?(We're expecting a lot of information here):I believe that TitanRP is not all about roleplaying, but having fun and interacting with people is a must to play on this server. Most players on this server are very nice and caring, some people helping others find differant locations. But it doesn't stop there, this is a DarkRP server, that means along with all the fun and people you are going to meet, you have to follow some rules. Most of these rules are obvious like don't propkill and don't RDM (Random Death Match), but these rules get alot more complicated. Overall, I'd say that this server is about having loads of fun while making friends and roleplaying with others.

7) Additional information:I do very likely want to participate in the development and growth of this little server, becoming one of the biggest servers to be seen in Garry's Mod history. I know you wouldn't regret making me an admin Smile

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