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General Server Rules
1.) In some cases where there is lack of evidence, an Admin may leave the situation unjustified.
2.) Do not disrespect/harass/threaten/flame any players.
3.) Do not spam chat or microphone
4.) Do not be a smart ass/troll. Zero-tolerance for trolling/smartasses.
5.) English only.
6.) Do not apply other server rules to this server!
7.) Don't interupt any admin in any situation, and if you have something to say, be nice.
8.) Do not advertise other gaming websites/servers.
9.) Do not tell an admin how to do their job.
10.) Do not impersonate an admin or any player.
11.) Do not hack/exploit.
12.) Do not spray nude/pornographic/disgusting/nasty sprays or anything similar deemed as inappropriate by an admin.
13.) Do not evade ban, kick, mute, gag, or silence.
14.) Do not mislead players with incorrect rules.
15.) Do not request an admins assistance in unnecessary situations; only rule breaking.
16.) Do not encourage/antagonize rule breaking.
17.) Do not raid people when they have a building sign up.
18.) Do not prop surf, prop kill, prop push.
General DarkRP Rules
1.) You CANNOT spam paint.
2.) You CANNOT spam job votes.
3.) You CANNOT abuse your job. Do what your job was intended for. Using a job for it's resources and then changing is job abuse.
4.) You CANNOT spam text screens/signs. If they say the same general thing then do not put more than one in the same general area.
5.) You CANNOT put signs on other peoples property unless you are on the door as a owner.
6.) You CANNOT shoot at someone without a valid reason such as hate crimes, racism, etc.
7.) You CANNOT spam your camera flash.
8.) You CANNOT spam your flashlight.
9.) You CANNOT use RT camera inside anyone's base without the owners permission.
10.) You CANNOT make a sign that is a message to/against another player or group. Use signs for your own job/property.
11.) You CANNOT block other peoples sign with your own sign.
1.) You must play by NLR (New Life Rule). After death/rejoining, wait 2 minutes before returning to point of death unless it is your property. 2.) You must roleplay.
Assault, Shooting, Killing Rules
2.) You must follow all of the job rules.
1.) You CANNOT RDM or RDA. (Random Death Match/Random Arrest). You CANNOT kill people for stupid reasons or to stop other rule breakers.
2.) You CANNOT kill trespassers who left your property unless they stole an item from you.
3.) You CANNOT stunstick people randomly if your job is equipped with a stunstick by default.
4.) You CANNOT raid WITHOUT doing "/advert raid".
5.) You CANNOT have money printers as any type of CP (Civil Protection).
1.) You CAN kill someone for trespassing only if you warn them with reasonable time (10 seconds) to leave first or if you have a warning sign.
2.) You CAN shoot to injure someone only if you have a realistic reasonable cause to.
3.) You CAN have signs that state: "Entry/Keypad Cracking/Lockpicking/Bug Baiting/Spam Knocking/Spamming Door Open/Close = death".
4.) You CAN hunt to kill the Sewer Monster using the Monster Hunter job itself.
5.) You CAN kill anyone that agrees in chat to you killing them or having a firefight.
6.) You CAN kill anyone that tries to pickpocket you.
7.) You CAN kill anyone that has been following you after 2 warnings.
Prop Related Rules
1.) You CANNOT spawn/bring props in other peoples homes/property.
2.) You CANNOT spam props.
3.) You CANNOT prop block anything/anywhere. (Excluding windows)
4.) You CANNOT prop kill in anyway.
5.) You CANNOT prop push.
6.) You CANNOT prop climb/surf. (Excluding ramps/stairs)
7.) You CANNOT build in public unless you are a hobo.
8.) You CANNOT build in areas that obstruct the public.
9.) You CANNOT mess with players creations/props.
10.) You CANNOT have floating props/bases.
11.) You CANNOT have invisible props.
12.) You CANNOT build inappropriate structures with props.
1.) You CAN prop block windows.
2.) You CAN make a ramp/staircase.
3.) You CAN build on isolated roofs not normally accessible if you're a hobo only.
4.) You CAN build around your door(s) if it's not obstructing public walkways.
Door/Property Related Rules
1.) You CANNOT own doors within a property if someone else owns a door in the building.
2.) You CANNOT buy every door in a large building unless you're hotel manager or are using every room behind the doors you own.
3.) You CANNOT have more than two keypads connected to the same one door; one on each side.
4.) You CANNOT use your numpad on your keyboard to open fading doors when you are being raided.
5.) You CANNOT prop block any doors/garage doors even if there's more than one.
6.) You CANNOT have multiple fading doors stacked next to each other unless a player can fit between both while they are closed.
7.) You CANNOT have more than 2 fading doors in a row.
8.) You CANNOT claim public property unless you're a hobo and the property you claim does not obstruct public.
9.) You CANNOT own any map doors as a hobo.
10.) You CANNOT build nearly impossible bases to break into. This includes bases that require crouching to go through.
11.) You CANNOT build an unequal base so you can shoot out but nobody can shoot back at you.
12.) You CANNOT build in unowned properties.
13.) You CANNOT block off the roof of a building UNLESS it is isolated and you own all doors to it.
1.) You must have keypads connected to fading doors and within reasonable distance. But, it can be hidden.
2.) You must have all doors/fading doors able to be keypad cracked and/or lockpicked.
3.) You must have all fading doors with autoclose on reasonable autoclose time. (2+ seconds at least)
4.) You must have reasonable time length for keypad denied hold lengths.

1.) You cannot own any gun
2.) You cannot participate in any raid
1.) You have to gather evidence of a crime before sending people to jail.
2.) You should encourage people to stay on the sidewalks.
3.) You protect everyone.
4.) Your job is to make it so no one is killed.
5.) Make sure everyone is nice to everyone.
6.) With evidence you can get a search warrent and search a base. Try not to kill the owners.
7.) Arrest people with illegal guns after warning them to put it away 2 times.
8.) Arrest people that are doing illegal transactions such as selling drugs/guns/and other stuff.
9.) Suggest people to get gun license.
1.) Your mortal enemy are the rebels.
2.) Your boss is the mob boss.
3.) You can raid and commit crimes!
4.) You can mug people for a max of 1000 dollars.
5.) You cannot interrupt in any muggings.
6.) You must advert raid.
-- MOB BOSS --
1.) You are the boss of all of the gangsters.
2.) Your job is to organize raids.
3.) You have an arrest stick, Get your fellow m8's out of custody!
4.) You can help with raids.
5.) You hate the Rebel leader.
1.) You make a shop and sell guns to people.
2.) You cannot raid.
3.) You must keep your business legal, get a license from the mayor.
4.) You can upcharge your gun prices to how ever much.
1.) You don't make a shop, stay secret and off the streets.
2.) Make sure no one spots you selling products.
3.) You cannot Raid
4.) You must kill anyone who steals your product.
-- MEDIC --
1.) You have to heal everyone.
2.) You can be hired to follow someone around.
3.) You cannot raid.
4.) You cannot kill people.
-- MAYOR --
1.) Only call necessary lockdowns.
2.) You can call meetings in the court room.
3.) For whoever does not show up in the court room will get arrested.
4.) Put up law boards with appropriate laws.
5.) You cannot raid.
6.) You organize the swat and CP.
-- Mayor's Security Guard --
1.) Make sure the mayor is alive in the end.
2.) Don't act to fast or slow.
3.) Make sure that people stay a good distance away.
4.) Make sure you warn people 2 times before you shoot them, unless they are armed and try to kill the mayor.
5.) You cannot raid.
-- HOBO --
1.) Throw poop at people.
2.) You are the only one that can build in the streets.
3.) You beg for money.
4.) You cannot own any weapons.
5.) You cannot raid.
1.) You cannot raid.
2.) You complete hits and continue with your day.
3.) You cannot accept hits on staff.
4.) Make sure you check your hit name.
5.) If you kill an innocent it is your fault.
-- THIEF --
1.) You can Raid.
2.) You can mug max of 1000 dollars.
3.) You cannot pickpocket in spawn.
4.) You try to steal things and.
-- REBEL --
1.) Same as Gangster
-- GUARD --
1.) You must protect someone or a store.
2.) You must be hired to protect.
3.) Make sure you don't randmoly kill anyone.
4.) You can raid.
1.) sell Drugs and don't get caught.
2.) You cannot raid.
1.) You should go down in the sewers and kill the monsters.
2.) You can't kill anyone in the sewers except for monsters.
3.) Your main job is to make it so sewer monsters don't reach the surface or kill innocents that are lost in the sewers.
4.) You cannot Raid.
1.) You have to stay in the sewers.
2.) You kill anyone and everyone that comes down.
3.) You can come to the surface every 5 minutes and kill 2 people and go back down.
4.) When your 5 min wait has ended advert Surface raid. (/advert Surface Raid)
5.) Do not kill other sewer monsters.
6.) You cannot raid.
1.) Have people pay you to drive around.
2.) You cannot raid.
3.) You must no-collide your taxi. ( hold "c" and right click car, then disable collisions.)
4.) You Have to listen to the customers.
-- Pet --
1.) You cannot raid.
2.) You cannot own guns higher than a pistol.
3.) Your role is to be adopted off of the streets and follow people around.
-- Pharmacist --
1.) You sell legal drugs.
2.) You cannot raid.
3.) You can own guns.
-- ALL S.W.A.T --
1.) You listen to the mayor and you raid what he says.
2.) You must get a search warrent.
3.) Avoid killing citizens and arrest them.
4.) Only shoot if they shoot first.
5.) You must follow your S.W.A.T role.
6.) You cannot own any illegal things such as printers.
1.) You organize the rebels.
2.) You tell them what to raid when to raid and how to raid.
3.) You base with the rebels.
4.) You can only raid when you have two rebels helping.
5.) unless there are no other rebels.
-- NINJA --
1.) You cannot give other players your spiderman gun.
2.) You can mug.
3.) You can raid.



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