LEL9000 FailRP and, essentially, MassRDM [RESOLVED]

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LEL9000 FailRP and, essentially, MassRDM [RESOLVED] Empty LEL9000 FailRP and, essentially, MassRDM [RESOLVED]

Post by GypsyOverdose on Sun Feb 23, 2014 4:18 am

First off, I'd like to say that I realize that LEL is a superadmin, which is why I think it is imperative he should set an example for rule following. I don't expect any sort of serious punishment since he has more leverage on the server. Still, I would not like this incident to go unnoticed.
Okay, so essentially, at around 1am PST on this Saturday night, LEL was playing the VIP version of Sewer Monster and used a surface raid as an excuse to kill everyone in sight, WITHOUT adverting it. He also killed more than two people, which according to rule 3 of Sewer Monsters, is FailRP. After being asked to stop by multiple players on the server, and warned of rulebreaking, LEL was apathetic and outright rude to those whose RP he was ruining. He was fully aware of the extent of his rule-breaking, and showed no signs of caring. After I showed him the specific rule he was breaking in chat, I was treated like a child in a snide and sarcastic manner, which I don't appreciate.
I would think that as a SuperAdmin, one would have to set an example of following the rules, not blatantly break them and be arrogantly apathetic about it. It's very disconcerting for players to see high ranked staff ruin RP and disrespect other players just because he can.

For any proof needed, here is some copypasta from my console:
LEL9000 killed Murrawhip using m9k_machete
LEL9000 killed CaptainMarksman using m9k_machete
Shapes: Durarara
(OOC) CaptainMarksman: LEL, you have to call surface raid. And then wait 5 mins.
(OOC) Murrawhip: Uhh I thought you need to announce raid, LEL?
[Advert] walnut2015: surface raid
[Advert] [f2p]Awesome Gibus Shpee: mg211s open the door i need to search the place
(OOC) LEL9000: I spawn out of the sewers
(OOC) DeCaro Jesus: per person yes
(OOC) Gypsy: I thought you could only kill two people, as well..
LEL9000 killed =[o.W.n]=Troll using m9k_machete
LEL9000 killed lukegotjellyfish using m9k_machete
LEL9000 killed shute meeh using m9k_machete
Hit aborted! The hitman died!
LEL9000 killed Cryotech using m9k_machete
[Advert] [f2p]Awesome Gibus Shpee: mg you have 10 seconds to open the door or i use force
Shapes has been made a Thief!
(OOC) Gypsy: That's four right there.
LEL9000 killed Murrawhip using m9k_thrown_knife
(OOC) Cryotech: lel
Giving LEL9000 a m9k_machete
LEL9000 killed CaptainMarksman using m9k_thrown_knife
(OOC) Cryotech: you know you're breaking the rules
Giving LEL9000 a m9k_machete
(OOC) Cryotech: please stop
LEL9000 killed lukegotjellyfish using m9k_machete
(OOC) Murrawhip: Lel is really spamming them kills... <_<
LEL9000 killed shute meeh using m9k_thrown_knife
Giving LEL9000 a m9k_machete
(OOC) LEL9000: Thanks bois
[f2p]Awesome Gibus Shpee ordered a search warrant for mg211s. Reason: wont open door for search
Mr.Quetzal has not been made Sewer Monster Hunter!
(OOC) Murrawhip: Oh he's admin. Can do what he wants.
[f2p]Awesome Gibus Shpee killed mg211s using m9k_m92beretta
(OOC) Cryotech: No, he can't/
(OOC) LEL9000: Sure thing bud
(OOC) [f2p]Awesome Gibus Shpee: dont fire at an officer
lukegotjellyfish killed shute meeh using m9k_intervention
LEL9000 killed CaptainMarksman using m9k_machete
(OOC) Cryotech: Admins don't get special priviledges.
Cryotech killed LEL9000 using m9k_m4a1
(OOC) Gypsy: 3.) You can come to the surface every 5 minutes and kill 2 people and go back down.
(OOC) Micky Mouse: PURGE
walnut2015 killed Mr.Quetzal using m9k_knife
Want to report someone? That's easy! Type in '!report' in chat.
Invalid argument!
(OOC) Murrawhip: Notice how no one's doing anything about it, Cryo?
(OOC) Murrawhip: Dere's my point.
walnut2015 killed mg211s using m9k_knife
Cryotech killed walnut2015 using m9k_m4a1
(OOC) LEL9000: Good job Gypsy on finding that!

ALSO, upon further reflection of the console, the term "REMV giving LEL9000 a m9k_machete" seems to me that he is spawning himself weapons. Correct me if I am mistaken. This would also classify as admin abuse, if I am correct. Thank you for your time in reading this, and sorry for the bother.

EDIT: I have decided to drop the case and withdraw my request because of how effectively LEL has been doing his job recently. This is no longer a request.


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