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Post by marinefighter8 on Wed Feb 26, 2014 6:59 pm

Hey my name is kaellin and my ingame name currently is [F2P]awesome gibus shpee.
Yes i do have a skype but ill pm you that so i dont get a bunch of random adds.
The reason i want to be a staff member is that i have staffed before and i love doing it.
Its been a while but i like the feel of being able to enforce things, which is why i love playing cp on the server but i do not abuse.If there is a rule broken i am merciful of sorts but if it happens too many times i will not hesitate to punish them.
Like in the last reason  how i would help the server is rule enforcement because sometimes someone breaks a rule and the admins dont notice it.
Now i have admined an old ttt server called rot-reign of terror it was a nice server until the owner sold it to someone who destroyed it.
What i love about titan rp is that your not pressured to do a thing exactly how you`r expected to do it.
You`r not pressured to rp every second you on and i just love the overall staff, they are not assholes when you ask something like other servers.They genuinely care about how the server runs.That is why i want to be a mod on titan rp. Titan rp is just to have fun like the title its semi serious, where your expected to be serious on important things. But with just normal gameplay you have fun your not expected to be perfect while playing. And admins understand that, but i just love the server for how fun it is and that you actually get items tht apply to jobs. Like on hitman you get what a hitman would normally have a sniper and a close quarters weapon


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Post by DeCaro on Thu Feb 27, 2014 2:02 am

Please use the formate and try again.

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