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Application For Staff Empty Application For Staff

Post by DualWeildGaming on Wed Feb 26, 2014 8:17 pm

1) Name & In game name: Dustin & DualWeildGaming

2) Do you have a skype?: Yes DualWeildGaming

3) Why would you want to be a staff member: I never had and I'm really looking forward too, and I thought this server would be the one I will be a staff member. Usually  am looking for new opportunities to try new things. Plus I learn really fast. I have had friends as admins and they all said it was cool to be one so i am trying to see if that is true of false. I have never abused power nor have I ever abused someone in game or in real life. I am totally willing to follow instructions and more if needed.

4) How would you help the server: As much as i possibly can i love this serevr! It's fun and new, I have never seen a server like this.

5) Your experience: I have none in mod or as admin, but I'm Willing to learn!

6) In your opinion, what is TitanRP all about?(We're expecting a lot of information here): It's about bringing some friends together and having a blast!

7) Additional information: Just add me on skype and ask me stuff if you want more info Smile


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Application For Staff Empty Re: Application For Staff

Post by HawkFlame33 on Wed Feb 26, 2014 9:44 pm

Too little information, and a little lazy on the spelling. Declined.


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