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Post by Vivid on Sat Mar 01, 2014 3:43 pm


1. Add a Admin on duty class, I'm tired of seeing mods/Admins Flying around as citizen. This class should have god mode, and have noclip. I understand if a mod has to deal with something that happens right in there face, and they can but Please if they are going to players let them. This class is very easily made. (Coding error on purpose, Its just an example) (I code lua) Also, I know you can go citizen and name your job "Admin on duty" But it would be better to have a job.

TEAM_Admin = AddExtraTeam("Admin", Color(0,0,255,255),
"models/player/Vivid's Admin (Not real model)", [[Admin]]
custom job, only mods/admins can have this job. ]], {"", weapon_mad_blowtorch weapon_mad_keypadcracker | Do not use with out permission. Made by Vivid.
"Adminr", 10, 100, 0, true true true)
if t == TEAM_ADMIN then
       if self:IsUserGroup("testgrouphere") then
            GAMEMODE:Notify( self, 1, 4, "You are not the proper group for this job!")
            return false

2. Tazer Very simple, Already explains on the workshop. Go to it. (I cannot post links, so Type tazer in workshop.)

3. Remove the ability to pickpocket pockets/keys/cameras Thank you. Smile


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3 Suggestions Empty Re: 3 Suggestions

Post by El Grio on Mon Mar 03, 2014 10:17 am

First off we do have an Admin on Duty class for Admin and Above. No we will not add another class just for mods we have a civilian with job as Mod on Duty. 2nd tazer I agree 100% and finally we won't remove pickpocket/keys/cameras. Thank you for the suggestions. My.Vivid

El Grio

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