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Post by Yogi Bear on Fri Jun 24, 2016 12:14 am

Hello I am yogi bear on the titan rp server while my time on the server may not have been the longest amount but with the time i have played i have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. During the beginning of my experience on this server so far has been great i have met a lot nice people a lot of nice moderators/admins i have been playing with my friends and new friends i have made on the server as soon as i started playing i guess you can say i loved it, it was better than what my friends have told me making my own base was one of the many things that i loved doing making more advanced bases the more i played and the aspect of raiding and being a cop i really enjoyed it. So i look forward to more experiences on the server. Most of the time i see people abuse the server and if i was a mod i could help with that problem another thing is usually there isn't enough mods on so with another mod on it should stop a lot of the prop blocking and such. Another thing is i do have a Skype and if i would need to give it out to contact with other mods i will message them if need be but as of now i wont put it in here. Also i would want to be a moderator as i feel it would enhance how i play the game it would also enhance other players experience with the server that is why i would want to become a mod. Most of the time whilst i am playing on the server i get rdm'ed and for most people that's not how they want to spend their time on the server... dead. Also i could help with the crooked cops that randomly arrest people which is also not a good experience for newer and older players. i feel as if titanrp is about having a great time and meeting new people to make friends with which with my time on the server i have already done, so with all the experience if have and will continue to get i feel as if i can make this server better for those who play on it if i do become a moderator or some type of staff member.

Thank you,
Yogi Bear

Yogi Bear

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