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Post by Nickers on Tue Jan 21, 2014 5:44 pm

We are looking for the most detail as possible. We do not like applications that are full of laziness! If you don't want to take the time to make a great application, we will not take the time to even come close to thinking about accepting your applications.

Do NOT look at applications that have been accepted and do the same amount of information if theirs are short and sweet. We *WERE* in desperate need for staff at the time, but, now; we're looking for a lot more information written down from each and every single one of you!

What do you need to become staff? You will NEED a Skype. If you don't have one, make one. If your application gets accepted and you do not have a Skype we will immediately kick you off the team. You as well need to be the age of 15. We're sorry for this age restriction, but we do not want applications to be submitted from people under the age of 15. I've seen MANY people under the age of 15 just like to troll and be immature on servers. You are still allowed to apply if you're under the age of 15, but, this age restriction makes it *HIGHLY* unlikely that you'll be accepted! If you're a highly mature for being under the age of 15 and write an *EXCELLENT* application, then we'll happily look into your application. We're looking for fun, yet *VERY* mature staff members.


1) Name & In game name:

2) Do you have a skype?:

3) Why would you want to be a staff member:

4) How would you help the server:

5) Your experience:

6) In your opinion, what is TitanRP all about?(We're expecting a lot of information here):

7) Additional information:

    *Again, the more detail and thought put into your application, the better your outcome will be! Do not slack off because there are applications without that much wording that have gotten accepted. Be smart and thoughtful about your application. This is very much so a video game on the Internet, but, you're taking real life skills to being a staff member. It's called crowd control, maturity, and advancement. Some of us love to think maturely about this "video game". This is essentially law enforcement. Keep this in mind! Good luck Smile.

- KryptoniteKV
- Nickers


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