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Post by @Soda on Tue Jun 21, 2016 5:46 pm

1) Name & In game name:
Steven @Soda

2) Do you have a skype?:
Yes, soda.poop

3) Why would you want to be a staff member:
I like this server alot and i want make sure we dont have any more RDM and Prop block which happens alot when there are alot of people online.

4) How would you help the server:
Im on the server alot so I feel i would help. Im not clueless and know the rules very well. I feel I would make a good Mod.

5) Your experience:
Ive been mod on a server once before and I did very well. I was in the process of becoming a Admin when the server was shut down.

6) In your opinion, what is TitanRP all about?:
TItanRP is about having fun and roleplaying as a citizen. May that be being Thief and raiding, or building a shop as a gun dealer aslong as you follow the rules and enjoy yourself. This server is also home to one of the best staff group in the DarkRP Server list.

7) Additional information:
Im 14, I dont have a very deep voice but Im not a retarded squeaker. I belive I have 4 warnings. Thats preaty much it.


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