LadyKiller's staff application.

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LadyKiller's staff application. Empty LadyKiller's staff application.

Post by LadyKiller on Thu Feb 27, 2014 12:23 am

1) Name & In game name: My name is Alex Bernal my IGN is LadyKiller.

2) Do you have a skype?: Yes my skype name is Overloard145.

3) Why would you want to be a staff member: I would like to be staff so I could help make Titanrp the greatest server there could be also this server is very respondent when it come's to mod's and admin's and super admin's they come to me if I need there help and I respect and look up to them. This would be a great server for me to help out with.

4) How would you help the server: I would get rid of propkiller's and RDMer's there have been alot of those in my day's of Titanrp and it suck's that I can't take care of them myslef Crying or Very sad I know all the rule's to the server because I read MOTD the forum is nice and neat so go check it out.

5) Your experience: I have been made a super admin before I know lot's of command's such as !gag <name>, !kick <name>, !ban <name>, !jail <name>, !mute <name>, !slay <name>, !silent slay <name>, !set hp 100 <name>, !grant <name> , !give <name>, !teleport <name>, !bring <name>, !noclip, !god etc. Plus my friend is the owner and I know alot from him to.

6) In your opinion, what is TitanRP all about?(We're expecting a lot of information here): Titanrp is about playing a role in which you select from the job menu also it's were you hangout with friend's and even make new one's or have base war's with your worst enemy's. Follow MOTD, challenge other player's in raid's and mug's through out you gaming experience in this sever. You should always respect each other when playing a game if some one is having a bad day go raiding with them. If a rule is broke ask a friendly mod or admin Smile  to sort out the situation. This server is top notch and deserve's good player's.

7) Additional information: I'm close friend's with hawkflame33(owner) we hangout not only in game but in reality. I'm a really nice guy once you get to know me I respect all the player's and I'am friend's with almost all the admin's they are really cool to play with and the server is so good that I donated to it. I like to go to this server because the admin's on other server's are not so good at paying attention but here at Titanrp you get service right when you call for it. Hope whoever is reading approve's and enjoyed the applicaton. Smile 


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LadyKiller's staff application. Empty Re: LadyKiller's staff application.

Post by DeCaro on Thu Feb 27, 2014 2:01 am

4 is too small please add more

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